Gingado Capoeira India at Auroville, Pondichery and Chennai

Gingado Capoeira India

Gingado Capoeira India is an affiliate of Grupo Gingado Capoeira based in Brazil and the United States. Gingado Capoeira India is led by Instructor Camaleao who has been teaching Capoeira in South India under the guidance and support of Mestre Cafu since 2004. 

We offer classes and workshops adapted to all levels in Auroville, Pondicherry and Chennai.  Join and experience this rich and dynamic Afro-Brazilian art form in a supportive, motivating community. 

Gingado Capoeira India at Auroville, Pondichery and Chennai

Mestre Cafu

Mestre Cafu was born and raised in Brasilia the capital of Brazil. He started practicing capoeira at the age of 6 and due to his natural talent began teaching at the age of fifteen. When he was eighteen he was invited by San Francisco State University to lead various workshops and also toured the U.S. with different Dance companies doing capoeira demostrations and performances.

In the United States he started teaching capoeira in Santa Cruz, California. A few years later he moved to Hawaii, pioneering capoeira on the diffferent Hawaiian islands. For over 26 years Mestre Cafu has been promoting capoeira in it's rich history through classes, workshops and demostrations throughout the U.S. and the world. Through his efforts he has built strong groups in Colorado, California, Texas and Hawaii

He played a major role in establishing the capoeira groups ABADA Capoeira and Roots of Brazil. He is the co-founder along with Mestre Pablo of Grupo Gingado Capoeira. 

To witness Mestre Cafu play capoeira is to see a joyful, powerful cultural expression alive after hundreds of years of suffering and supression.

He is a dedicated athlete and artist with an unique style that is in constant development. He is a committed mestre with a passion to share the dynamic and profound history of capoeira preserving its powerful tradition within a contemporary expression.

Gingado Capoeira India at Auroville, Pondichery and Chennai

Instructor Camaleao

My journey with Capoeira started around the age of 14 after seeing the movie “Only the Strong” which helped expose much of the world to Capoeira. I was mesmerized by the the unique art form, the mix of martial arts, dance, acrobatics, music and community interaction. Fortunately for me I found that Mestre Cafu was teaching capoeira classes on Maui, the Hawaiian island where I grew up.  After the first class I was hooked. Mestre Cafu, from brazil is a walking, breathing embodiment of Capoeira. He is also an amazing mentor and role model for the thousands of youth and adults that he has passionate worked with over the 30 years of teaching and promoting Afro-Brazilian culture. Of the many things that Mestre Cafu taught me over the years is the importance of building a strong foundation for your capoeira to develop. He often say’s “Don’t build your house on sand” focus on your base, your ground, the foundation from which you can fly.

Over the years I’ve had the honor of meeting and training with many mestre’s and accomplished Capoeiraistas from around the world. With each encounter I’ve deepened my understanding of Capoeira, my own game and the movements. From the strong foundation laid from my years of training with Mestre Cafu, I’ve grown and developed myself as a Capoeirasta, mentor, teacher and student. My life has been quite nomadic living in many parts of the World.  In the gaps of time away from my Mestre I was challenged and called to turn my attention inward to find within my self an understanding and relationship with the music, movements and many other facets of Capoeira. I spent hundreds of hours training and refining myself. In 2004 I returned to Auroville, India where I had lived and went to school in my early teens. There I taught classes and workshops and helped expose the community to Capoeira.  The art form was well received and over the last 10 years Capoeria has developed and taken root here welcoming many Capoeira teachers, students and enthusiasts. 

After many years traveling, teaching and learning I’ve returned to Auroville to settle and build Grupo Gingado Capoeira here in India. We offer classes four times a week in Auroville and are expanding to Pondicherry and Chennai. 

In addition to my many years training capoeira, my passion for movement and embodied expression has led me to study and teach physical theater, become a certified personal trainer and movement coach and a certified MMA strength and conditioning coach. I’ve also immersed myself in other martial art forms including wing chung, Aikido, ti chi, and boxing all with the intention to understand the body, movement and it’s expression in day to day life.